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Born in Hamilton in 1926, Jack was raised on the family farm in Rototuna with his elder siblings Bob, Doug and Margaret. Despite the intention of his father that Jack should take over the farm after completing secondary school, Jack, after hearing an auction in progress one day decided instead that he wanted to become an auctioneer. After being employed as store boy, at the tender age of 16, at Turners and Fows by Harry Fow the managing director, he was later given this chance.
Jack Forsyth
Jack, a keen rugby supporter and referee, was a life member of Wellington Rugby Referees Association & President of Wellington Rugby Union. He was author of "Scrumptious Tucker: All You Need to Know About Fruit and Vegetables", and hosted a weekly newspaper column plus a session on National Radio.
Jack MacFarlane Alston Forsyth (M.B.E.)