Stirling Castle
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Stirling Castle is a noble architectural pile, and it is placed on a great lofty crag fronting the vast mountains and tile gloomy sky of the north. It plays an important part in Scottish history. In 1304, Edward I of England took the castle after a three-month siege; however, Bruce retook it ten years later after the battle of Bannockburn. James II and James V were born in the castle, and here in 1452, James II stabbed the Earl of Douglass. The battle of Bannockburn where Bruce defeated Edward II, was fought two miles southeast of Stirling Castle.
Stirling Castle
Osbert Forsyth IIís son, Robert de Forsyth II, was one of the greatest military leaders of Scotland. He became the governor of Stirling Castle about 1360. This was the highest military command in Stirling Province.

For successive generations, the Forsyths governed Stirling Castle. John, the son of Robert II, not only held the crown office at Stirling in 1379, but was also Baron of Dykes, and William, his son, held the same office in 1399.

In 1426 the son of William, who was Robert III, witnessed a charter of Robert Keith, Earl Marshal of Scotland. He married a daughter of Leslie of Roths.